Welcome to the online home of New Orleans Boom and Blackout: One Hundred Days in America’s Coolest Hotspot. This site is a companion to the book by Brian W. Boyles, with chapter notes, news and info on coming events and some lagniappe. Click here to buy a copy of the book.

Watch Brian Boyles on CSPAN's BookTV.

Watch Brian Boyles on CSPAN’s BookTV.


4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. brian, congrats on the new book. I will try to make the party and purchase my copy there with a request for a signing. I hope to see you then and there. best wishes, john paul massicot

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  2. Really great read from start to finish. I had no ides what it took to host a Super Bowl…let alone one that took place after a devastating hurricane. Brian Boyles nailed it — from his indebt interviews of the locals to his meetings and observations and/with the politicos. Fascinating account as to all that transpired in readying the “new” New Orleans to this historic event. Can’t wait for your next book about The Big Easy! Gin


  3. I am music editor at Pacific Rim Review of Books. I’d love a review copy of Boom & Blackout. I’ll send clips of my published reviews. Thanks, Joseph Blake 2124 McLaren Ave. Victoria, BC V8S 2P8


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